“Adding Architecture” To a Room


I recently wrote an article for the magazine that used the term “adding architecture.” My editor circled it and scribbled in red pen: “What does this mean?” I bet every licensed architect hates the term, because what it means is adding form and structure to an existing (ususally bland) space with a dramatic decorating element.

Hate the phrase if you will, but the truth is that every budget can’t withstand the cost of a heavy remodel. For those price points, the simple answer could lie in adding a statement making light fixture. I recently discovered some great ones by the folks at San Francisco’s Shine Labs.

The photo above, an installation in a San Francisco home, illustrates my point. The bold pendants (from left: Opium, Tibet and Emporer) are dramatic enough to add a jolt to almost any room. I also appreciate that, despite their 22 and 36 inch lengths, the wire forms are see through. This keeps the statement from being too heavy handed.

A row of three Paavo pendants (above) shows how to make a quieter, but definite, impression. Perhaps one of the reasons I’m so fond of these fixtures is that they remind me of the stunning work of one of San Francisco’s treasured artists, Ruth Asawa.

Shine Labs recently debuted some new products at ICFF in New York. Among them are the aforementioned Paavo fixtures. They also showcased the Holm (left) and the Taj (right).


For pricing information and sales information, check out the Shine Labs website.

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