Good Shepherd Charity Project Welcomes Good Design


Can a beautifully designed room improve people’s lives? The organizers behind the Good Shepherd Charity Design Project believe it can. The LA-based homeless shelter for women and children have recruited 30 designers to revamp the rooms in a three-month process that will be completed in July. The center is a temporary housing facility dedicated to helping homeless women get back on their feet.

The project is truly collaborative and completely pro-bono, done with donated materials, designer’s time and cash donations. Organizers writer Vanessa Kogevinas  of  Get it! Consulting and interior designer Vanessa De Vargas of Turquoise  are still looking for more materials, including furniture such as desks, dressers and tables, shelving, artwork, books, and wallpaper. (The center also accepts cash or check donations).

The project’s blog has been featuring regular interviews with some of the designers, including Irene Lovett, husband and wife team Marcia Zia and Paul Priven, and Laura Clayton Baker. Other designers include Ames Ingham, Charmean Neithart, Jessica Bennet, Hillary Thomas and others.

Read more about the project here and we’ll check in again to see the final results.

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