Design Dilemma: A No-Work Garden


The dilemma: You want to add some green in a place where there’s no sunlight, no water or no space. To compound the problem, you could kill a fern in the Seattle, Washington climate. Moss Tile could be your answer.

Here’s what it is: Hangable squares of lichen (commonly known as Reindeer Moss). The fact that this kind of lichen needs virtually no water, care, light or pruning makes it perfect for people who like the look of nature without the work.

The little moss balls come mounted on resin bases that are ready to hang.

And, if you like your nature a bit altered, they are offered in 12 colors.

To order, contact Benetti Stone. But, if you have a maker streak in your heart, try buying some Reindeer Moss at the Flower Mart and plywood at a hardware store and crafting your own.


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