Super Market: Treasure Island Flea Market Favorites


The first-ever Treasure Market Flea Market was this past Saturday and Sunday, and I made my way over for a toll-fare-free visit to San Francisco’s Bay Bridge pass-through island for a perusal and a jaunt. I came home with a large abstract painting with questionable roots. Was the artwork an early abstract expressionist piece from a well-represented California artist or an attempt at drip painting from a local garage artist?  The joy of shopping at a flea market is not knowing what great finds await you. Read on for a review of funky favorites found at the flea.


Crafted and whittled art accessories for the home are plenty abound on the market tables. 


Many vendors at the Bay Area flea markets source French antiques and Shabby Chic style accessories. I spotted a trend of decorative text in every corner of the market.


Flea markets and garage sales are among the best resources for signage collectors. Here, one-eyed pirates try to find some usefulness next to optometry signs.  One vendor specifically sells and commissions bus stop route signs from England.


These stone boxes were handmade and custom fitted for each slab of stone. This artisanship rivals most stone boxes I see in designer stores, but with a better price, ranging between $100-$300.



Asian and African sculptural accessories work well as exotic additions to an eclectic interior. Flea markets are a great source for transcontinental jewelry and masks. 


The Treasure Island Flea Market is held on the last weekend of the month on both Saturday and Sunday. The market will expand in vendors each month, and the food is delicious! Now this weekend, I’m off to see what I can buy at the Alameda Flea.


Photos by Lynn Kloythanomsup

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