Design Dilemma: Industrial on the Cheap


I am really into industrial design right now, especially vintage pieces. The problem is that the old stuff often comes with a hefty price tag—and it’s hard to find the right size and number of items (it seems like there are always five perfect chairs when I need eight, for example). But I’ve found a source for industrial design that could help me fill in the blanks.

Schoolhouse Outfitters is meant, obviously, for institutions of learning. However, there’s nothing to stop students of design from ordering as well. Here’s a few reasons why I’m ready to go back to the classroom.

You may remember my blog about the inspiration for a master bath I found in a CB2 catalogue. I came upon Schoolhouse Outfitters because I was looking for storage to go along with the desk-turned-bath-vanity. I could have purchased the CB2 storage locker shown with the item, but that’s too obvious. Instead, I found a great metal wall-hung cabinet from Schoolhouse Outfitters.

Here’s the best part: It cost $209.99 for a 30-inch-wide cabinet, which is a bargain. And you can bet a commercial metal cabinet designed for the high-traffic wear and tear of a high school is tough enough to take whatever my househould might dish out.

I started browsing the site and found some other fun bargains, such as the Diesel Series Industrial Stool.

The metal chair comes in a variety of heights, and starts at $115.88, which is comparable to a big box store and likely of better quality.

If you want to pay less for an industrial-looking chair, it would be hard to beat the 6200 Stool, which starts at $31.88.

And there’s a lot more to learn  in this “schoolhouse.” For example, these colorful carts could make fun bar carts. Prices depend on size, but they all run between $200 and $350.

Check out the website, and you’ll enroll as well.





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