L.A. Design Festival Kicks Off Inaugural Year


June is a big month for design in Los Angeles. In addition to Dwell’s yearly design donnybrook down at the Convention Center, this year marks the launch of the first annual L.A. Design Festival. Conceived as an “open source” complement to Dwell’s conference, the festival includes exhibitions, studio tours, showroom parties and symposia all over Los Angeles.

Beginning June 16th and running until June 30th, the Festival celebrates home-grown design talent in industries such as architecture, fashion, automotive and entertainment. According to the founders, a “brand agnostic” non-profit, the festival is expected to become an annual event.

Events currently planned (they’re adding new ones all the time) include a Dutch design symposium with urban interventionist Andre Dekker of Observatorium, the opening of Come In! 2 at the A+D Museum, the AIA Los Angeles Design Conference, and a tour of architect Stephen Kanner’s last major project in L.A. before his untimely death last year, the Heart of L.A. rec center in Lafayette Park (full disclosure: as one of the co-hosts of de LaB, I helped organize that tour). There’s also a couple of tours of Neutra’s VDL House in Silver Lake and on June 23rd, California Home + Design is getting in on the act with an issue release party at FLOR.

There is no charge for admission to the Festival but check each event listing for details on admission, tickets, or RSVPs.

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