Bay Area Photographer Makes Botanicals into Works of Art


When it’s time for her close-up, not even Mother Nature is immune to a little “restyling.” Riffing on the Grand Dame’s botanical creations, Bay Area photographer and designer Tara Gill has created a series of blooming artworks called “Patterns of Growth” using all things green, leafy, and floral as her medium. After rearranging her exotic botanical finds into unique shapes and forms, the result is an eye-popping, kaleidoscope-like pattern rooted in the artist’s unique, creative vision. 


From creeping trumpet vines to Osteospermum plants to wisteria pods, nothing in nature is off-limits to Gill. Once she’s collected her plant materials, she constructs her succulents into patterns, folding leaves and intricately placing blossoms, and then photographs the design.


If you’re thinking what I’m thinking–that these designs would look amazing in the kitchen, bath, or garden–well, the artist couldn’t agree more. Gill is in the process of creating tiles for the home and garden and is aiming to launch the collection within the next six months. Stay tuned to her website for updates!


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