Surf’s Up Exhibit Kicks Off Summer in Palos Verdes


The first day of summer was yesterday. Pair that with the warm weather we’ve been having in SF, and I’m in a seasonal state of mind. Perhaps that’s why the works in the Palos Verdes art exhibition, Surf’s Up, are so appealing to me.

We all know the expected surfing images: slick posters that are more about sports than fine art. That’s not what you will find here. Curators at the Palos Verdes Art Center have gathered works that are inspired by the power and energy of the elements. The artists in the exhibit are all lifelong surfers who experience nature daily in the waves and in the studio.

Many of the works, such as this painting by Andy Moses, show the water in a more abstract way.

The exhibition also includes sculpture and photography. My personal favorites are the tintype photos by Joni Sternbach. Looking at them, it’s hard to tell if the images are vintage or modern.

The show opens July 22 at the center’s temporary location, 550 Deep Valley Drive, Suite 261, Rolling Hills Estates.


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