A Movable Design Feast: Design Trucks Rolls Into L.A.


By now L.A.’s mobile culinary culture is inarguable. Korean tacos, gourmet ice cream sandwiches, and even sushi can all be found roaming the streets of Los Angeles. Let’s face it – tacos may taste best at 2 am after a night of drinking at El Prado but no one enjoys sitting on upturned milk crates to get their carne asada on. Enter the Design Truck – a roving furniture gallery launching this weekend to provide comfortable, stylish seating for L.A.’s finest food trucks.

Founded by Los Angeles designers and friends Brendan Ravenhill and Chris Adamick, the concept evolved as an inexpensive way to showcase local talent in a way that is uniquely L.A. This weekend, the truck will follow two of L.A.’s most popular trucks, starting with Kogi on Friday night and Heirloom L.A. on Saturday night, located outside of the Stussy store on La Brea and Bar Covell in Los Feliz, respectively. 

Adamick’s Clic Stools

Once the trucks start serving, Ravenill, Adamick and friends will create an ad hoc seating area on the sidewalk. All of the pieces will be for sale, from the benches to the chairs to the pendant lamps, many at substantially discounted prices.

Brooke Woosley‘s Bundle Lamp

In addition to Adamick and Ravenhill, the truck will feature the work of local designers like Bend Seating, Kelly Lamb, Sam Moyer, Scout Regalia, Brooke Woosley, Machine Histories, whyrHymer, Woodsmithe, Aprro, and Clancy Pearson.

Bend’s Lucy chair

The truck serves (no pun intended) a dual purpose by introducing food fans to new designers but also acting as a focal point for L.A.’s sprawling design community. While the Design Truck is intended to be a roving recurrence, Adamick and Ravenhill are not opposed to the idea of brick-and-mortar presence, especially if it works well with one of L.A.’s many pop-up restaurants.

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