A Pliable Flower Vase That Holds Flowers In Place


It’s either too big or too small, but never the right size–the flower vase, that is. Hence, the need to fill our already too-small kitchens with everything from bud-size vessels to mason jars to large bouquet vases, just to ensure we’re fully armed to tackle any sweet-smelling surprise. But Japanese-based product designer Tatsuo Kuroda has created an object that solves this domestic design challenge: A vase that actually holds flowers in place. 

Whether it’s a single blossom or a drool-worthy bouquet, the colorful creations never seem to stay put no matter how much we fuss, primp and arrange them in their vessel. Until now. Made of soft, pliable metal, the Suzu-Hana flower vase can easily be bent by hand to hold flowers in any position. 

Bonus: the container is made of 100% tin which helps keep the water cleaner so the flowers last longer.

Although it looks like the artful vase is still in concept, try to control your impatiens – I have a sneaking suspicion the product will be blooming in the near future. But tell me, do you dig the design enough to give up your other vases? Or do you think flower containers are like shoes–no matter how many we have, we still want more?


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