Cool Finds: Hamilton Trading Company in Bodega, CA


Vintage curiosities abound at the Hamilton Trading Company in the small, blink-and-you’ll-miss-it town of Bodega, CA. If you dig old-fashioned relics this antique shop is a treasure trove of unique finds. Browse turn-of-the-century watchmaking and sewing machines, hand-blown tinted glass apothecary bottles (circa 1800s), plus charming typography donning retro memorabilia of yesteryear. And in between rare oddities like Civil War Era shotguns–lust-worthy collectibles delight in every nook and cranny of the shop.


Hamilton Trading Company is located at 17175 Bodega Hwy. After you score some awesome vintage wares, be sure to check out another historic relic just around the corner: the infamous church featured in Hitchcock’s The Birds.

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