3D-Molded Ice Cream: But How Does it Taste?


Stoyn, a Russian advertising firm, has created a collection of ice cream treats featuring the heads of cultural icons, including Marilyn Monroe, Darth Vader and Che Guevara. Made from organic ice cream, the frozen busts are formed using 3D molds. Though their flavor names sound enticing, the ice cream itself—made in what is being described as a “Moscow lab” using “organic material”—doesn’t seem to be the motivating factor behind the creation: “It’s not just about the ice cream – it’s about the experiment! A real revolution fits into any form…” says Sergey STOYN Starostin on designspotter.com.

No word yet on if any company is going to sell these frosty treats, but I’m thinking that this might just be the future of novelty ice cream. What do you think?


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