Fine Art at a Fair Price


It’s a common design dilemma: When it comes to artwork, you may have Champagne tastes, but a grocery-store wine budget. Los Angeles photographer Karyn Millet’s new business,, makes it possible to bring art to an interior without breaking the bank.

Millet—who has photographed interiors for magazines around the country, including this one—offers her art works (such as “Nature 502,” at left, and “Nature 508,” at right) for prices that start at $225 for a 12-by-18-inch print on canvas and range up to $975 for a 36-by-54-inch print mounted in a Plexiglass box. For an orginal piece of art, that’s a bargain.

The subject matters include abstract landscapes and nature scenes, as seen in “Life 407” and “Life 408” above.

There are also some haunting scenes from her travels, such as an empty swing and a lonely teddy bear at Elvis Presley’s Graceland.

“My goal is to photograph life—and that means capturing time, chronicling scenes and catching beauty,” says Millet. “I don’t push a shot, but rather contantly have an eye out for the right light on an intriguing, poignant or subtle subject.

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