Beverly Hills Neutra House Could Face Demolition


We can’t say we’re terribly surprised by this news, since the house was marketed as a tear down when it went on the market, but the 1954 Richard Neutra-designed Kronish House may be facing demolition. Located in Beverly Hills, a city notorious for its lack of protection for architecturally-significant structures, the owner plans to tear down the house.

The house was last sold in a foreclosure auction in January for $5.8 million and is currently on the market for $14 million. According to the L.A. Conservancy, “the home is not currently occupied; the owner seeks to raze it even though there are no plans for a replacement project on the site.” Lacking any sort of legal protection in Beverly Hills, the only way to stop the demolition is by either finding a preservation-sensitive buyer or by putting pressure on the City Council.  

The City is also trying to provide incentives through the Mills Act (offering property tax relief in exchange for preservation investment) but the Conservancy fears the Mills Act may not come through soon enough to save the house.

As a result, the Conservancy is asking the public for help by the end of Thursday, July 28th by contacting the Mayor and City Council of Beverly Hills by email (, copy or phone (310-285-1013) to support the preservation of the house, Neutra’s only remaining house in Beverly Hills. For more info on how to make a difference for the Kronish House, check out the Conservancy’s web site.

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