West Hollywood Library Murals Almost Complete


The public art component of the West Hollywood Library has been a long and protracted process ā€“ after Shepard Fairey was chosen, then unchosen, then chosen again to create a mural to adorn the Johnson Favaro-designed building, the piece is almost done.

In addition to Fairey’s mural of an elephant and dove, there are additional pieces by street artists RETNA, and Kenny Scharf. The murals are funded by MOCA as an extension of its Art in the Streets exhibit while the city of West Hollywood will pay for an anti-UV and anti-graffiti coating for the pieces. The murals are expected to be up for at least a year.

Kenny Scharf mural

These murals are not part of the somewhat controversial commission Fairey and artist David Wiseman both received for the library’s interior. Wiseman is slated to create plaster, bronse and porcelain branches on the walls and into the air space above the staircase.

RETNA mural

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