Chew On This: Clever Food Art with a Message


Artist Judith Klausner proves that–contrary to mom’s advice–playing with our food might just be a good idea after all. From sculpting classic cameos out of an Oreo’s cream filling to embroidering bread, cross-stitching cereal, and designing condiment wallpaper, Klausner’s “From Scratch” series serves up tongue-in-cheek commentary on the resurgence of all things DIY.

While home cooking and handicrafts are now considered the coolest things since sliced bread (thanks to manufacturing madness), Klausner challenges us to acknowledge the immense value we’ve gained from readymades–namely, time.

Rather than spending an entire day baking a single loaf of bread, women are free to spend their time pursuing careers, innovating, or savoring a pack of store bought cookies while studying for their MBAs. Klausner drives home her point through some deliciously clever, irony-laden food art – like the above “Oreo Cameo” which the artist hand-carved as her cheeky way of paying homage to the hardworking women of yesteryear.

The Cereal Sampler: Klausner cross-stitched “Breakfast – The Most Important Meal of the Day” onto a collective spread of Chex cereal squares.

Condiment Wallpaper: The artist recreated a Victorian wall print using yellow mustard, ketchup, rose jam, and barbecue sauce.

Toast Embroidery: Klausner embroidered an egg onto a real piece of toast.

She explains, “The food on our tables may not be as tasty as it once was. It may not even be as wholesome. But it is important to take a step back and recognize the trade that has been made, and that what we have gained is not to be undervalued.” While Klausner’s message gives us something to chew on, her kitschy pieces are defintely a super-fun feast for the eyes.

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