Look Inside: West Hollywood Library Interior Art Installation In Progress


Last week we took a look at the murals currently being completed on the walls of the new West Hollywood Libary, designed by Johnson Favaro. The library was also featured in the July/August 2011 issue of California Home + Design (check it out on page 88 and 89 of our digital issue!). Now it looks like the inside will be as impressive as the art on the street. Artist David Wiseman was commissioned to create a piece for the library’s staircase and airspace above it.

Posted on the Facebook page for ARTbeat West Hollywood come these in-process art installation photos. Wiseman, a 29-year-old graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design, now based in Glassell Park, has created site-specific installations in Christian Dior’s Shanghai and New York flagship stores and was included in the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Triennial. He’s also a favorite of private collectors, including one that recommended him for the West Hollywood commission.

Wiseman’s work tends to focus on the impermanence of nature, celebrating the abstracted patterns he finds in trees or a cluster of flowers. Yet the materials he works with are anything but impermanent, including glass, porcelain, and bronze.

Wiseman’s wall and celing reliefs are incredibly labor and time-intensive. According to an interview he gave to Sight Unseen a few months ago, the design for the West Hollywood Library will feature the city of LA’s official tree. No, not the palm.  “In the median of San Vicente, from Brentwood all the way to the beach, there are these fantastic, muscular coral trees,” he explains. “They look like they’ve been growing for decades. This installation will honor those by way of massive limbs that grow towards the light, and at the top, become fully three-dimensional. It’s kind of amazing.”

UPDATE: Wiseman tells us the concept has changed recently, from coral to sycamore trees.

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