Behind The Scenes: Coup d’Etat Photoshoot


Recently, I had the pleasure of going behind the scenes at San Francisco’s Coup d’Etat as they photographed a beautiful quarter horse in the middle of their showroom for the creation of a new ad (see the final result in our forthcoming Sept/Oct issue).

Here are a few candid shots of this majestic animal surrounded by its trainers and team of photographers.

The exterior of Coup d’Etat showroom during the photoshoot.

A lovely bookcase served as an elegant and expensive feeding trough.

Other treats such as cookies and…

…carrots provided incentive for a few tricks.

Taking a break to pose with his trainer.

Grabbing a bite while the photography team looked at proofs.

Checking out proofs of his own work.

He seems to have a suggestion about the picture on the screen.

And finally a hug for a hard day’s work.

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