Wanted: The Little Black Dresser


The little black dress may have finally met its match: Say hello to the Little Black Dresser. From the wild imagination of Vancouver designer Jason Beumont, this stylish piece not only cuts a sexy silhouette – it’s a fully functioning wardrobe too. And, of course, the fashionable design hangs in your closet or by hanger (via “straps”) just like the real frock. I have a sneaking suspicion Coco Chanel would so have loved this hot little dress(er).

“My rule is: if you can draw and design it, you can build it,” say Beaumont. “I love it when someone tells me that, ‘You cannot build that’ or ‘No one would want that.’ These words only encourage me more.” In fact, Beaumont and his staff of eight at Straight Line Designs have built a reputation for designing against-the-grain, one-of-a-kind furniture pieces. 

From ultra-creative kid furnishings and installations for clients like Disney Cruise Lines to sleek benches designed like sardine cans, “the challenge is to design pieces that are new, inspiring and always highly functional,” Beumont explains.

For your own to-die-for Little Black Dresser contact  Straight Line Designs. Then check out their website for more minimalist-meets-functional-meets-clever creations.

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