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It’s been over a year since environmentally conscious group, LA Box Collective, debuted their first collection of modern eco-furniture, “So Happy Together,” at downtown Los Angeles’ Fifth Floor Gallery. Though the hybrid art/design gallery hosts a wide range from designers and architects that rotates every 1-2 months, fans of sustainable, locally-produced designs can find exclusive pieces thanks to Fifth Floor’s newly launched online store.

A lively take on the traditional Windsor, Casey Dzierlenga’s Hug Machine Chair ($950), is made with recycled wood shop scraps of walnut, mahogany, douglas fir, maple, ash and redwood.

Made from reclaimed red oak, the Solid Side Table ($720) from designer Robert Apodaca, also comes in custom sizes. 


Once used in the aging process of wine, reclaimed oak is transformed into Nesting Tables ($4,500) by designer Cliff Spencer. 

Modern bar stools from Chinatown architect, Ali Jeevanjee, are original and sleek. Thick layers of laminated marine plywood play up the lines of the locally designed Marine Ply Stool ($460).

Fifth Floor is located at 502 Chung King Court in Los Angeles. 

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