Surfs Up! Using Surfboards as Home Decor


Surfs up, Moon Doggie! Summer’s end may be nearing but we’re noticing a wave of surf-inspired decor. We’re not talking about the surfboard coffee table, either. Using vintage surfboards as a decorative motif is showing up in homes and hotels.

Boutique real estate developer Better Shelter references the ocean in its eclectic staging for its home remodels. Principal Steve Jones is an avid surfer, so it’s not surprising to find that Gucci surfboard in many of his homes.

Montauk’s Surf Lodge hotel (which actually faces the Bay) uses scuba fins as a decorative touch in its lobby.

Surfboards aren’t just for boys. These rooms show the versatility of the surfboard as decorative element.

Can you believe this is the lobby of a Marriott hotel? Marriott debuted its first “Edition” hotels in Waikiki and each one will be unique in its design. Behind the check in desk is an art installation by artist and former pro surfer Herbie Fletcher. Fortunately no surfboards were harmed in the making of this sculpture ā€“ all were broken while in use by pro surfers.

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