Go Behind the Scenes of Our September Issue!


This issue was a doozy. Besides the typical frenzied wrangling of ideas, stories and photoshoots, we decided to throw a full-fledged redesign into the mix. Late nights were de rigueur, and I think we tore through about a dozen bags of our signature edit room snack: Trader Joe’s Nutty American trail mix. But the rewards were many. Besides an issue that we are all unbelievably proud of, we got to have some fun along the way.

In particular, our all-day shoot at Scribe Winery featured a crew lunch of fried chicken sandwiches and ginger beer from Freemont Diner, a round of playing dress up with the fabulous wardrobe stylist Leah Perloff and of course, delicious dinner by Cook’s Jude Wilmoth and plenty of Scribe wine to keep us “energized.” Videographer Danny Montoya was there to capture the day, from the furniture schlepping to final product (p.126). Check out the behind-the-scenes video here:

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