Artful Gaming: dabball Launches Arty iPhone App


Here’s a new twist on an old idea –newly launched iPhone and iPad app dabball (pronounced “dabble”) lets users browse, buy and play games with original works of art. The app is designed as a dexterity game AND digital art gallery.

Players can buy archival-quality artist prints directly from the app from 43 different international artists, such as Alyson FoxBeautiful/DecayBrooke Weeber, Cole Gerst, GUYBURWELL, Matt LaFleur, and others.

Each piece of artwork comes in three sizes for your wall. While the app is free, each artist has its own game and can be purchased for $.99 or the all-inclusive add-on pack for $5.99 features 400 games. All purchased add-on packs come with free downloadable wallpaper of featured artists.

The games are played using the accelerometer and tilting your device, carefully try to stick rolling steel balls into the corresponding holes on the game board art. The game is won when all balls are seated in the holes. Unlike the physical analogue we used to play as kids, the app includes hazards like earthquakes, moving holes, strobe lights, reverse physics, and electromagnet fields.

The design is a collaboration between former Angeleno Cole Gerst (who defected recently to Bobo Babylon, Portland), ecopop and EYEMAGINE.

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