Join Us at Electric Ink: Navigating a New Media World


I remember a time when the matchup of Print vs. Web was being billed as an epic battle, one that would leave shuttered newsstands and deserted newspaper and magazine offices in its wake. And while the dust hasn’t completely settled, I am happy to be dwelling in something of a green zone: I was a a member of probably one of the last journalism classes that studied strictly for print, yet since my fist day on the job as a magazine editor, I’ve waded deeper and deeper into digital waters. Today the content we create can be found in a gorgeous print magazine that is stacked in grocery store isles and delivered to nearly 100,000 homes across the state, as well as in a digital issue that can be flipped through on any computer and a multi-functional website that lets you browse all of our room images, get news from our daily editors’ blog or find products and professionals to help you complete your own project. We’re Tweeting, Facebooking and Pinning, making me believe that print and digital are joining forces for good, not evil.

But things aren’t going to stop changing and challenges will keep popping up, so like the peace talks in the Middle East, there are endless things to discuss. Join us for lunch on Wednesday, Sept 14, at Chronicle Books‘ headquarters in San Francisco for Electric Ink: Attracting Attention in the New World of Publishing. I’ll be moderating a panel featuring a smart group of women, including Julie Carlson, Editor-in-Chief of Remodelista, Lydia Lee, California Editor of The Architect’s Newspaper, Bridget Waston Payne, Chronicle Books’  Art + Design editor, and our very own Erin Renzas, Online Managing Editor at There will be answers to perplexing questions about online publishing practices, tips on how to utilize each medium best and predictions on what will come next—and despite the matchup of digital and print denizens, absolutely no fighting. 

Hope to see you there! 


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