Kanner Architects Helps Take Umami Burger National


Behold the future of burgers. Umami Burger, deemed by GQ the best burger in America, has big plans to go national. Founder Adam Fleischman has partnered with hospitality firm sbe and Sam Nazarian to expand the concept and these renderings represent Umami Ko, or U-Ko, a fast casual burger joint.

According to Eater LA, each U-Ko will be over 2,200 square feet, have an indoor garden and will seat 50 diners inside (including bar seating) and 80 outside. The concept is pretty eco-friendly, with the space built from sustainable and recycled materials, and FSC-certified wood exteriors and hardwood floors, and salvaged aluminum countertops.

This is a pretty significant departure for Umami, since up until now each new branch has been unique. Perhaps too much – each one looks completely different from every other. U-Ko’s design comes from Kanner Architects, a firm that lost its founder, Stephen Kanner, due to cancer last year. This isn’t the first time the firm has taken on a burger client. The firm is well-known for its In-n-Out in Westwood Village.

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