TuneUp Media’s Rockin’ New Office Space


With over six million users, Bay Area upstart Tune-up Media is the rockin’ renovators of the digital sphere – tidying up and spiffing out our befuddled music libraries with their #1 iTunes plug-in. (Read: mislabeled songs, missing cover art, and duplicate tracks made spic-and-span in a jiffy). But lately, Tune-up founder Gabe Adiv has taken his creative fixer-upper skills to the brick-and-mortar space. Working with designer Marc Hinshaw, the duo tapped the company’s playful underpinnings to create the ultimate rock-n-roll hipster workspace. The new 8,700-square-foot Potrero Hill warehouse-turned-office has been reincarnated as a 70s-inspired Golden Gate Park musicfest – complete with faux grass, a gutted VW Bus-cum-conference room, and fully-functional rock stage.

“The openness lends to constant communication between employees and different departments which is absolutely key for productivity,” says Adiv. “And the park makes the place feel organic and outdoorsy, lending warmth to an otherwise coldish warehouse.” The TuneUp Park (above), which serves as an ad-hoc meeting area or comfy laptop-in-hand workspace option for the company’s twenty-five staffers, features real bamboo, AstroTurf, custom Pendleton bean bag pillows and chaises, a bike rack, redwood planters, and guitar for spontaneous jam sessions.

Working on a modest start-up budget, revamping a 1979 VW Transporter was not only a smart move economically – it was an ultra-clever way to add privacy in a super-open space. “Gutting the bus was half the cost of building a second conference room and makes a real impact when you walk in the space,” explains Adiv. The VW is swanked out with custom floors, a working fireplace, and TuneUp’s “Automagically” tagline hand-painted by New Bohemia Signs (below).

And don’t be surprised if you see their VW beaut tooling around SF. The company was so jazzed about the bus, they’ve since built another – that actually runs. 

A sans shirt DJ Biz Markie poster in the main conference room (above) is just one example of the company’s fun vibe and tongue-in-cheek humor permeating the light, airy space. 

A larger-than-life Coney Island-esque mural spanning the office backdrops the staff’s double-wide DIY pegboard desks.

“It’s important to take breaks and have fun here,” says Adiv. Along with ping-pong, pool table, and dart boards (above), Adiv admits,” I’m obsessed with FIFA Soccer on the Playstation and can often be heard yelling at the screen or my employee opponents in the middle of the day. It’s a good release.”

But when TuneUp staffers really need to uwind they head to the “Stoner Room” (above) furnished with a vintage Roger Daltrey pinball machine, Flokati shag rug, Barcelona chair, black lite rock posters, and black lite.

“I’d say roughly 73% of our employees jam on the stage. And approximately 73% of that 73% actually knows how to play,” jokes Adiv. The TuneUp stage dons amps, a bangin’ drum set, vintage piano, spotlights, curtains, and super-cool fog machine. For the company’s wild X-mas party, DJ Biz Markie brought the house down and TuneUp plans on inviting local artists to perform here once a month. 

Think you could handle a 9-to-5er in these awesome digs? Hey, they’re hiring engineers! But be prepared – the workload may be more than just a walk in the park.

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