Designer Brendan Ravenhill Talks Trash


One of our favorite Los Angeles locals, Brendan Ravenhill, has designed everything from bottle openers to entire bars. Now he’s taking on one of the most prosaic household items, putting his signature stamp of industrial and rustic design onto the lowly trashcan.

The trashcan, officially dubbed Dustbin, is made locally in Los Angeles. It features a counterbalanced dust pan lid on a powder-coated steel base so the dust pan is integrated directly into the lid. Pretty ingenious. And bonus – it comes with a magnetic hand broom so according to Ravenhill, it’s “the lovechild of a trash can and a dust pan.” So you can put that Swiffer away. The Dustbin is meant to be both products packaged as one.

Ravenhill is featuring the Dustbin at wholesale pricing this fall to fund a first edition run of the product and tell the story of its fabrication. Ravenhill has produced a short video about Angell & Giroux and Gordon Brush, where the trashcan and hand broom are made. (Seriously, it’s a fun video). And Gordon Brusch has brushes on Mars and the Moon!

He tells us his “goal is to document the production of the first 100 Dustbins this fall.” The wholesale price is $160 and ends soon. The Dustbin can be ordered online. Shipping takes 3-4 weeks. To check out more of Ravenhill’s furniture and lighting (on sale!), Fab is featuring him today.



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