Napa Film Festival Pop-Up Shop Designed by Rachel Horn Opens


Rachel Horn, the LA-based interior designer best known for swanking out a 1969 airstream trailer for Burning Man, is at it again. She recently designed the Napa Valley Film Festival Pop-up Shop, which just opened at Cake Plate Boutique in downtown Napa. 

The chic 375-square-foot space features Moroccan rugs, Mexican antique armoires, and unique vintage decor. Browse an eclectic mix of beauty, accessories, and home items like Lydia Mondavi’s cosmetics line 29, jewelry by Jeffrey Levin, and Horn’s own line of furnishings. And don’t forget to snag your film festival tees and guides.

Want to scope out the Airstream trailer itself? Duck inside the tiny house on wheels and ogle over the stylish stainless steel kitchen, custom cabinetry, and how Horn managed to fit a full bedroom, bath, and closets into 178-square-feet. The trailer will be outside the shop during film festival weekend, Nov. 9-13.

For more info, visit Cake Plate’s website.

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