CH+D Awards Deadline: It’s Coming!


This will be my fifth year working on the CH+D Awards. and if I’ve learned anything, it’s that designers are just like the rest of us—they wait until the absolute last minute to turn in their homework. In this case, it’s awards submissions. It is the same every year: The early birds trickle in, then 48 hours before the deadline the deluge begins. Hundreds of binders flood the office, and by the end of it all the Fed Ex guy should get his own CH+D business card, he’s spent so much time here.

So, whether it makes any difference or not, here’s a gentle reminder: The deadline for entries for the 2012 CH+D Awards is Friday, November 18—exactly one week from today. So: buckle down, race to the finish, put your nose to the grindstone, get ‘er done and good luck!! 

See the Submission Guidelines

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