Petaluma Charity Estate Sale


Petaluma may be my favorite small town for vintage and antique shopping. But the sport is never more fun than around the holidays. This weekend, in addition to the Holiday Crafterino event on Sunday, the tiny town will host The Harvest Barn Estate Collective. It’s a big monthly event that benefits a local private school, but even if you are more Grinch than civic-minded, you’ll find plenty to explore.

How popular is this monthly sale? When organizers started raffling off tickets for pre-sale shopping, the line for them was reportedly “out the door.” Here’s a taste of what you will find:

Vintage toys and games which, when framed correctly, make cool 3D art. A Union Square boutique is selling very expensive collages of small kid’s toys. Blame that and the Holiday Crafterino Facebook page, but this dollhouse furniture has me thinking about trying the same thing.

There’s also an interesting selection of furniture for indoors and out.

Personally, I’m really into these green chairs, although I can only see them from the back. And it’s hard to find a canvas bucket that doesn’t have a measure of charm.

There seem to be a lot of vintage paper items, like this mysterious Western Union telegram from the 1940s that simply tells the recipient that the sender “arrived in New York safely.”

The event runs today until 3 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 1100 Skillman Lane in Petaluma.


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