Artist KAWS Designs Lightbulbs for the Standard Hotel


Brooklyn-based artists KAWS, who began as a graffiti artist and moved into toys, sculpture and clothing, can now add product designer to his resume. His signature double X, found on his cartoon-like pieces, is now the centerpiece of a line of bulbs he’s designed in collaboration with the Standard Hotel.

The bulbs, part of the Standard’s series of artist editions, were part of a limited 1,000 sets that contain three bulbs each – one in purple, red and green. Each bulb emits a 3-watt glow, perfect for lounging in near darkness at home, and screw into any standard (excuse the pun) incandescent fixture. 

Each bulb comes individually wrapped with both KAWS and The Standard’s branding and then wrapped in an outer box that holds all three. According to design blog If It’s Hip, It’s Here, the bulbs sold out very quickly and have shot up from $65 at retail to nearly $200 on Ebay. Let’s hope they start producing a second edition soon.

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