Get Giving! Modern Gift Wrapping Ideas from Around the Web


Lately we’ve been pretty obsessed with two things: Pinterest (are you following CH+D yet?!) and holiday shopping. So it’s not particularly surprising that last night’s plan—trim tree, locate seasonal cookie recipies, finish writting holiday cards, make shopping list for upcoming cocktail party—unraveld into last night’s reality—purchase new sweater on Shopbop, spend four hours curled up with the laptop and a glass of wine scrolling through Pinterest.

But! We did come across some fabulous gift wrapping ideas, so we’d thought we’d share those today and attempt last night’s actual plan again tonight.

Above: The black and white photos are festive but unexpected. Pinned by Amy Dusek. Source: A Well Traveled Woman.

We love the use of colored yarn on craft paper. Change up the colors for a more traditional holiday feel. Pinned by Dana Goldberg. Source:

Here’s another amazing way to use yarn for wrapping. Pinned by Amanda Tempest. Source: Lion Brand Yarn

Okay, the yarn thing is now an obsession. Moving on! Pinned by Kathryn Bain. Source: M.Stetson Design

2011 was definitely the year of neon, so it feels appropriate to finish out season with some neon wrapping. Pinned by Emily Suma. Source: Karin Eriksson, Flickr

For those of us who are more into the natural look, this idea from Design*Sponge is tough to beat. Pinned by Andrea McElroy. Source: Design*Sponge

Tell us! Which of these ideas is your favorite?

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