Designer Tips: How to Hang Wallpaper Like a Pro


In our January 2012 issue, we took a look at the newest patterns and winning wallpapers (see them all here!). Now, Master Paperhanger Philip McDonald from The Precisionists of Pacifica shares his expert tips for how to hang wallpaper like a professional.

Do it yourself, if you dare. I don’t think wallpaper installation is a do-it-yourself project. But if you attempt it, start with a single flat area, such as an accent wall.

Prep properly. If the wall is covered with glossy paint, sand and dust the area before you start, then use a good primer such as Zinsser Shieldz.

Make a strong bond. To give the paper extra traction, dilute glue and apply it to the wall where the edges and the corners of the wallpaper will land. Let it dry slightly before putting up the paper.

Use a super glue. My adhesive of choice: Roman Ultra Clear, Pro-880. This is the most versatile adhesive, and it works with a wide range of papers and natural fibers, such as silk. It has no toxins, solvents or strong odor.

Use a new blad with every cut. I prefer Olfa’s Ulra Snap Blade knife. The blade snaps off bit by bit, so a super-sharp edge is always at hand.

Love these tips? What are your tricks for an at-home wallpaper job? Share in the comments!


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