Gift Wrap Gone Gangster


This year, there’s a new meaning to gift-wrapping being hard. How would Ice-Cube, Too Short or Dr. Dre deck out their holiday gifts? Think paper with decorations of bullets, wads of cash, 40-ounce bottles of malt liquor, eight balls and black ski masks. Now, hot off the presses from Oakland-based Team Print Shop are exclusive editions of “Gangster Wrap”—an originally designed, hand printed, tongue-in-cheek wrapping paper for the hard holiday shopper.

“We are drawing from specifically the mid-to-late 90’s West Coast gangster rap,” says Loren Purcell, head illustrator for Team Print Shop. “We tried to distill it down to groupings of objects of that era. I wanted to make it look like something that someone scribbled on the back of their notebook in high school.”

Other drawings include bandanas, thick gold chains, 9mm handguns and Starter jacket logos. But, be careful—the label says, “Guaranteed to cut you as you wrap presents. This gift wrap don’t play.”

Gangster Wrap is available at the Team Print Shop’s webstore for $15 for three hand-printed 18×24″ sheets.

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