Hottest New Healdsburg Haunts


Christmas is over, but visions of vacation still dance in your head. The cure? Road trip it to the straight-out-of-a-movie-set town of Healdsburg and check out what’s new, north of the Golden Gate. Here, some artsy fresh Sonoma hotspots:

Garagiste Healdsburg (above and below)
Drink in the modern, industrial design and savor the handcrafted lots of Cartograph and Stark Wine at this recently opened tasting room/lounge. Antique winemaking parts–from the now-shuttered Healdsburg Machine Shop–are awesomely upcycled into everything from furniture to materials. (Think: A bar made from grape de-stemmer parts, a chandelier from relic winemaking gears).

Tallulah Boutique (below)

Hello, eye candy! Vintage-meets-modern in this chic new home boutique inspired by silent film and Broadway star Tallulah Bankhead. Blending 1920′s vintage with 1960′s free-love, a rainbow of designer products mix with local artisan-made goods. Expect colorful candles, eye-popping pillows, and handmade jewelry crafted by the interior designer-turned-owner. Crave-worthy: floating light of butterflies and pink branches.


Moustache Bakery (below)
With a witty wink to old fashioned sweet shops, Moustache Bakery charms with their deliciously vintage décor (antique radios, typewriters, fun moustache prints). But their to-die-for baked goods–from bacon cupcakes to pumpkin whoopees to open-faced s‘mores–are all your drooling taste buds can focus on. Batter up.


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