Design Buzz: The Unspillable Wine Glass?


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New Year’s celebrations may be well over, but in Northern California where the best vineyards are just a zip over the Golden Gate, the partying never stops. The side effect? Besides consuming an exceptional amount of an awesome vino – we tend to have our fair share of spills and breaks. Seriously, whose idea was it to have semi-blitzed folks handle ultra-delicate glasses with the most stain-inducing red liquid?

Doing some out-of-this-world thinking, art student Christopher Yamane of Fragile Studios may have solved this tipsy dilemma. His “Saturn Wine Glass” creations are stemless, hand-blown and feature a unique Saturn-like ring that serves as both a fill line and frame support, preventing the glasses from spilling even when tipped. Pretty ingenious!

$150 for a set of four – contact this young talent for more details. (hat tip Design Boom

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