Made in CA: The Kingmaker


 This incredible design comes courtesy of West Hollywood-based Alexander Purcell Rodrigues.

Why You Need to Know: British-bred Angeleno Alexander Purcell Rodrigues combines his love of science and the latest technological advances with his eye for fabulous furnishings. The Bias Hooded chair was inspired by the angular planes made visible when looking at crystalline structures under a microscope, and can be customized in almost any wood or fabric choice. “I wanted to give hooded porteres—think those regal Louis XV hooded thrones— a modern counterpart,” says Purcell Rodrigues. The designer used bias-cut cream-colored leather for the upholstery and intentionally shrank the size of the hood, since the 18th-century chair’s original purpose of protecting the sitter from drafts took a backseat to his main goal: creating a fabulous chair fit for modern-day royalty; Purcell Living,

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