Not Yo’ Mama’s Macrame: Top 5 Modern Macrame Products


A post today on Remodelista reminded us how chic macrame can be when given a contemporary update. No longer the province of hemp-wearing hippies, these wall hangings by Portland-based artist Sally England show how modern and fresh macrame can be. England’s hand-knotted pieces can serve as wall decor, room dividers and headboard.

So let’s take a look at a few other works of surprisingly modern macrame, sans granola.

1.Light shades by Satelight

These hanging light shades, design by Australian company Satelight cast complex shadows in a room. They’re available in black or red (by special order from the company’s web site), and are hand woven from nylon rope.

2. Joana Vasconcelos

How amazing are these macrame-inspired works of art by Joana Vasconcelos? The Paris-born, Portugal-dwelling artist made a splash at the Venice Biennale back in 2005 and has been working with crochet, lace and macrame for years now. Unlike many of her contemporaries, her intricately-detailed sculpture still depends heavily on handmade design.

3. Marcel Wander’s Knotted Chair

No list of macrame design would be complete without acknowledging Marcel Wander’s 1995 Knotted Chair (with a special edition released 10 years later). It was developed for Dutch design group Droog Design, it’s in MOMA’s permanent collection, and it costs nearly $4,000.

4. Smalltown‘s Macrame planters

Yet another product from Down Under. Based in Melbourne, Smalltown hand crafts these oversized planters and each one is unique. The company accepts custom orders and special requests via its web site.

5. Ace Hotel Lobby, Palm Springs

Kids, maybe you shouldn’t try this at home. Designed by artist and costume designer Michael Schmidt (who has created outfits for Cher and Lady Gaga), the lobby is framed by a knotted curtain, woven from more than a mile of rope. The floor-to-ceiling curtain took weeks to create, transforming the former Howard Johnsons into an eclectic, funky hotel lobby.

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