A New Line of Covet-Worthy Curated Offerings


When he isn’t busy creating interiors for high-end residences and hotels, designer Tim Campbell prefers to spend his time abroad.

Winter holidays spent at Ulusaba (Sir Richard Branson’s private safari game reserve in Africa) created a lasting impression on Campell. Inspired by the native’s diverse traditions, art and built environments, the designer developed a collection that pays homage to the continent for the debut of his new product line, Studios at STC. Featuring locally sourced and handmade treasures, the home furnishing and accessories arm of Studio Tim Campbell will release carefully curated pieces from the designer’s travels.




The thoughtful, one-of-a-kind assemblage of new and vintage pieces chosen by Studios at STC serves to evoke the spirit of faraway lands and to establish a celebrated sense of history. Composed of authentic textiles, vessels, baskets, beadwork, ceremonial weaponry, and signature trays, the Africa collection is the first of many planned offerings (additional selections from Marrakech, Istanbul, Milan, and Hanoi are set to debut later this year). 





A signature scented-soy candle, $65, housed in a muted gray glass jar to suit both contemporary and traditional decor, completes the first Studios at STC collection. Engaging, crisp notes of sun-dried wood and hints of rare East African spices softened by a warm scent of leather make for a classic, modern fragrance. The Studios at STC curated Africa collection, along with additional travel-inspired items (Campbell’s “Reliquaries” collection features items from Paris to Tanzania) are now available through Studios at STC’s online boutique.

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