2012 CH+D Award Winner for Kitchen + Bath Design


Jeff Andrews, Jeff Andrews Design, Los Angeles
West Hollywood Kitchen

This project basically allowed me to check off all the items on my design bucket list,” says Jeff Andrews about the kitchen he created for a repeat client. “He trusts me completely, so I was able to do all the things I’ve always wanted.” Near the top of Andrews’ list was to use Heath Ceramics’ three-dimensional Oval tiles in an unexpected way. “Laying them vertically provided a whole different look,” he says. Other design details Andrews had been lusting after: the reclaimed French oak flooring and rift-sawn oak cabinetry. Together, the materials successfully warm up what was at risk of becoming an overly sterile loft.

Andrews had combined two smaller units on the top floor of a West Hollywood building to create a spacious pied-à-terre that his client could use for entertaining guests or for weekend stays in the city. “So much of the building’s shell is concrete, including the ceiling, that altering any of it was tough,” says Andrews, who still enjoyed “playing architect” where he could. “I took down a few walls and popped up the ceiling above the island to make a more dramatic space for the Ralph Pucci light fixture—another thing I’d been dreaming of using for a long time.”

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