Trina Turk Tells All


Last week nearly 500 people came out to the the San Francisco Design Center Galleria to hear fashion, fabrics and home accessories designer Trina Turk tell us about her life, her business and what inspires her on a daily basis. I was lucky enough to interview her for an entire hour up on stage, and despite my initial nerves, she made the whole experience absolutely amazing. For such a fabulous and fashionable woman, she was completely down to earth and answered all questions—from myself and the audience—candidly and with a killer sense of humor. An extra special thanks to all of you who weighed in on what to ask her (the reader question that won: If you could hang out with any designer in history for six months, who would it be?) and the ever important question of which Trina Turk dress I should wear (you overwhelmingly picked this turquoise number, which was a hit).

Check out the video with highlights from the event.

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