CH+D Awards Extra: Home, Sweet, Home


This month, we announced the winners of our highly prized CH+D Awards. Now, get the inside scoop from all the winners!

For interior designer Jay Jeffers, winning the CH+D award for Residential Interior Design (less than 3,000 SQ. FT.) was a personal affair since he submitted his own home. We asked Jeffers to tell us a bit more about his favorites—favorite stores, architects and design trends.

1. What’s your favorite local shop for unique design items for your projects? 
Hedge, Coup d’Etat and one of my new favorites is my own store, Cavalier, opening this summer!

2. Which design trend you are ready to see go away?
Taxidermy as décor (I think I’ve been saying this for 3 years now.)

3. What’s one detail about your project that you love but most people overlook?
Ceilings in general are often overlooked. Paint it, wallpaper it, do something that gives it interest and makes it a part of the room.

4. If you could spend a week working alongside any architect or interior designer (dead or alive) who would it be?
 Jean-Michel Frank, Francis Elkins or maybe Joseph Hoffman. David Hicks would be a hoot I bet. Oh, this is too hard.

5. When you found out you won, who was the first person you called to share the news with?
My dog, Kingsley. He didn’t answer though. I think he and a couple of friends were breaking into my liquor cabinet while I was at the party.

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