CH+D Awards Extra: Everything and the Kitchen Sink


This month, we announced the winners of our highly prized CH+D Awards. Now, get the inside scoop from all the winners!

It was quite the CH+D Awards night for Los Angeles-based interior designer Jeff Andrews. Not only did he take home the gold for Best Residential Interior Design (More Than 3,000 SQ. FT.) But, he also grabbed the prize for Best Kitchen+Bath Design.

1) What’s your favorite local shop for unique design items for your project?
Retro Gallery and Filament Lighting, located in the same building in LA. These are my go to shops for vintage and custom lighting. Several of the fixtures I designed for my winning project (Residential Interior Design, More Than 3,000 SQ. FT) were fabricated at Filament with vintage glass pieces from Retro. I love one stop shopping.

2) Which design trend are you ready to see go away?
I don’t really follow trends. That being said, I could do with a lot less Hollywood Regency or the equivalent.

3) What’s one detail about your project that you love but most people overlook?
Lighting. I don’t think most people necessarily overlook it, but it is one of my favorite elements of design and my passion. Lighting adds a much needed shot of character and interest to any room. An amazing fixture is often the catalyst for a design scheme when I’m in the early stages of a project.

4) If you could spend a week working alongside any architect or interior designer (dead or alive) who would it be?
William Haines.

5) When you found out you won, who was the first person you called to shared the news with?
I called my friend and client who owns the home that won Best Residential Interior Design. After all, it’s as much her prize as it is mine… except she gets to live there. The second was a text to my other winning client of the night. I added a photo of the cover that displayed the Best Kitchen+Bath Design. These two long time clients just happen to be brother and sister. It was a family affair!



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