CH+D Awards Extra: Return of the Blob


This month, we announced the winners of our highly prized CH+D Awards. Now, get the inside scoop from all the winners!

Architect John Lum’s cardboard lounge chair named the Blob took home the prize for Best Sustainable Product Design. Who knew that something with such an unappealing name could look so lovely?

1) What’s your favorite local shop for unique items for your projects?
I love The Apartment in San Francisco. It’s a shop ran by down-to-earth owners selling great found objects at very reasonable prices.

2) Which design trend are you ready to see go away? 
Ironic crystal chandeliers 

3) What’s one detail about your project that you love but most people overlook? 
The sense of movement one gets when one passes by the Blob.

4) If you could spend a week working alongside any architect or interior designer (dead or alive) who would it be? 
Richard Neutra. It would be fascinating to see him work through his process and decision making when it came to spatial arrangements.

5) When you found out you won, who was the first person you called to share the news with?
My partner, artist Michael Light.




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