Hot Art Shows Debut at SF’s Hespe, Haines and Hedge


I’m sure it’s just a coincidence, but the three hottest art exhibits in San Francisco this March are all taking place at galleries that have names beginning with the letter H. The SF galleries making up this 3-H Club are Hespe, Haines and Hedge—but besides sharing the same first letter and some great eye candy, their offerings this month are all unique and distinct.

Muse, Erin Cone; Composed, Erin Cone

Hespe Gallery in SF’s Union Square is displaying all new works by New Mexico-based artist Erin Cone (above). Running through the end of March, the exhibition entitled “Ingenue” combines striking figurative realism with abstract minimalism.

Untitled (grey w/ red); Untitled (Lt. Green / Black), Patsy Krebs

The Diary of Anne Frank; Charlottes Web (a) by Nigel Poor

If you want to take in some great paintings and photographs but only have time to visit one gallery, check out Haines Gallery who will be featuring the works of Bay Area–based painter Patsy Krebs and photographer Nigel Poor through April 7th.

Christophe Come

Finally, if you want to take in some great design and art, there is no better place to visit in March than SF’s Hedge Gallery. Their latest exhibition running through April 21, celebrates the artistic beauty found in Paris-based furniture and lighting designer Christophe Come’s work. Below are a sampling of some of his pieces on display.

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