Design Buzz: Furniture Made from the Golden Gate Bridge


Ah, the Golden Gate Bridge. Folks all over the world dream of walking on it, driving over it, sailing under it, framing pics of it…and turning it into an end table?

Well, not everyone. But when the statueseque icon’s original 1930’s-era handrail was replaced in 1993, SF artist Richard Bulan eyed the steel scraps with visions of decorating potential dancing in his head. And the Golden Gate Bridge Furniture Co. was born.

In celebration of the orange-hued beaut’s 75th anniversary this year, Bulan dreamed up some new designs and we got a peek. From a Side Table where you can flip the base for a different look (above), to an End Table handcrafted from locally-sourced urban salvaged Claro Walnut (below), to a Task Lamp inspired by the crowned jewel’s street lamps, each limited-edition piece is unique due to the wind and salt air etched into the steel.

Above: Side Table

Above: End Table

Above: Task Lamp

Come on, you know you want a piece of it.

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