Shop Your Neighborhood…Without Leaving Your Desk with HipSwap


Most of us would rather scour our hip, local boutiques to find the next design ‘gem’ for our homes. It’s  much more fun to talk about how you found – say, that amazing Dorothy Draper Low Vanity in nearly pristine condition in the back room of a funky resale shop than how you logged onto and punched in a few numbers to purchase a run-of-the-mill set that’s description raves about how it has a really “lovely espresso” finish (and more than once.)

Of course, if we had all the time in the world to source unique items from the far corners of Southern California and beyond it would be nice, but who does?

Well, thanks to the new mobile and web marketplace, HipSwap, you’ll never have to resort to a tech-based retail chain in a mad dash for a new [insert lamp, shower curtain, set of pans – you get the picture – here] again. The LA-based (but soon to be known nationwide) service is a great way to shop local…even if you’re chained to your desk. Peruse the most fabulous closets, homes and shops around town – make a purchase (or three) and HipSwap’s delivery service will bring the item directly to you…if you live in Los Angeles, that is. Non-Angelenos, don’t fret. HipSwap is rolling out delivery in major cities across the nation throughout this year.

The service allows merchants, artists, celebrities or designers to sell  products and other unique items to friends, customers, fans and neighbors in an instant via the HipSwap marketplace. Small boutique owners like Holly and Per Hallberg of the Venice-based design shop, Huset, are able to connect to those in the area looking for (in the case of the Hallberg’s) modern Scandinavian living products who may not even know to search for them by name. Log on and start discovering one-of-a-kind places and products you never even knew existed.

What’s on HipSwap right now? We signed up and took the service for a spin ourselves. See some of our favorite gems below.

From L-R: A rare Erte signed serigraph: “The Golden Calf;” Caspian Chandelier & Firecracker Wall Sculptures by Plantation Design; Richard Patterson lounge chair from Altered Space Gallery; a vintage Suzzani Throw from furniture and interior designer, Jordan Cappella; 1960s Arne Jacobsen 5 piece set designed for Stelton, Denmark; Chrome & Lucite Lamps from Turquoise, “Never Out of Style” Wall Clock from Yolk, vintage yellow ceramic tang horse from maison21.

Did we mention that the delivery fee is only $5? Check to see if your address is within HipSwap’s delivery zone HERE.

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