High Design Reigns at St. Helena’s Raymond Vineyards


Wine Country is home to a plethora of jaw-droppingly gorgeous spaces, but one that caught our eye in recent months is St. Helena’s Raymond Vineyards.

Owned and operated by Jean-Charles Boisset, this vineyard goes beyond the rustic feel that one may expect and incorporates unexpected, rich design elements. The vineyard went through a complete transformation last year and the result is anything but ordinary. Take a peek at some of our favorite spaces.

The Barrel Room
Complete with tufted leather seats and illuminated by soft candlelight, the aptly named Barrel Room (above) plays host to private, intimate gatherings. Guests are able to sample wines straight from the surrounding barrels before they go on for bottling.

The Sensory Wall
One of the core philosophies of this winery is interactivity. Nowhere is this clearer than at the so-called Sensory Wall. Each of these mini-sculptures contains aromas that you may find within the Raymond’s wide range of wines.

The Red Room
This members-only private club looks more Hollywood than St. Helena. Designed by Boisset and Joshua Rowland, the space features velvet-lined walls and Baccarat chandeliers.

The Theater of Nature
More recently, Raymond Vineyards completed this two-acre educational facility, focusing on Biodynamic farming and organic wine production. Since 2010, the Vineyard has implemented eco-friendly, organic production methods. This section of the vineyard walks guests through the process and explains how various factors contribute to each bottle of wine.

Raymond Vineyards, 849 Zinfandel Lane, St. Helena.

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