Design Assembly and Giulio Cappellini at Arkitektura this Wednesday


Sure, the design industry relies a lot on pretty pictures. It’s a visual craft, an exceptionally aesthetic endeavor. But if I’ve learned anything during my years as a design journalist, it’s that sometimes a picture isn’t necessarily worth a thousand words.

You actually need those words to explain the ideas and innovations behind the design, to express that the beauty isn’t just in the perfectly curving plane of the wood, but the ingenious process that the designer invented to create it. The rhyme and the reason. 

That is the aim of a new series of events called Design Assembly at San Francisco’s Arkitektura showroom: To assemble a bunch of curious and cultivated design minds in a gorgeous space filled with exceptionally  beautiful items, and let the ideas and information fly. Organized by designer, professor and always-out-of-the-box thinker Philip Wood, Design Assembly kicks off this Wednesday by welcoming Giulio Cappellini, the iconic Milanese architect and designer. 

Want in on the conversation? Stop by this Thursday, May 23, beginning at 6:30. 



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