Join Us: IDEO, Erin Feher and the Electric Bike


It’s no secret that I love all things home-related—I drool over the latest inductions, get starry eyed about sofas and don’t get me started on the sexiness of a spiral staircase. But those of you that know me—or at least have spotted me on my way to work or rolling up to one of our many California Home+Design events—are aware that I have an equally steamy love affair with bikes.

Talk about good design: a people-powered beauty that has gotten us from A to B for centuries and even played a significant role in women’s suffrage.

You would think there’s not much to improve on as far as this simple machine goes, but if anyone can do it it’s the folks of Faraday Bikes and IDEO. Please join myself, IDEO CEO Tim Brown, designer Adam Reineck and Faraday Bikes founder Adam Volmern on Sunday, June 10 at Propeller in San Francisco,  to talk about what happens when one great idea meets another (in this case electrcity and bicyles).




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